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Access to repeatable and accurate test data is a key enabler for Lontra’s development of market leading products.

Over a number of years we have developed a world class technology centre with multiple test cells to achieve this.

Working closely with partners including National Instruments and Wiresmith Technology we’ve built a test facility that allows us to simultaneously read extensive data capture. This allows us to effectively freeze frame our compressors, running at full speed, every degree.

Therefore analysing everything, from pressure waves within the compressor to thermal expansion. Also mechanical distortion due to rotational or other forces, in real time. The kind of data that engineers historically obtained by estimation or inferred from wear marks or “engineer’s blue”  is now available to our Engineers while machines are running, massively improving the development process.


A bespoke Labview application,

standardised across all of Lontra’s test cells, allows graphical trends and calculated channel data to be viewed and analysed in real time by the Engineering team. The software also has the facility for viewing and pinpointing data during the 360 degrees in the compression cycle. As the compressor is running, allowing effects such as pressure waves or distortion to be monitored at each test point.

Sensor and channel calibrations are vital to useful results. All Lontra test bed calibrations are UKAS traceable and the software enforces standards. This automatically reminds the operator when re-calibration is due.

Test Equipment

In addition to using market leading test equipment from HBM, Kulite and Druck, at Lontra we develop our own solutions to further advance testing.

This ranges from customising data acquisition systems using in house programming expertise. In house strain gauging of components for stress analysis correlation and also detailed thermal surveys on components using miniature embedded platinum resistance thermometers on both static and rotating machinery up to several thousand rpm. Additional compressor and enclosure thermal surveys can also be carried out using market leading thermal imaging cameras and software from Micro Epsilon.

For customer environment simulation Lontra have also developed an extremely accurate back-pressure control system. Managed by an in-house developed Lontra control strategy and algorithms running on a high speed dual output controller.

This arrangement allows for extremely accurate back pressure control across a wide range of pressure and flow conditions. In turn this allows us to measure and test the performance of compressors more accurately than traditional systems, leading to better and more efficient products.

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