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A culture of innovation

A culture of innovation encourages full engineering evaluation of all proposed solutions. This is why Lontra’s engineers and our products has a world class approach to designing its products.

Our design team apply the same fresh thinking that brought about the Blade Compressor® technology to all aspects of product development, ensuring that the best solution is found to even the most conventional engineering questions

The opportunities to improve established products and processes are many and by reimagining and applying Lontra’s design methodologies we can offers significant benefits to both manufacturers and end users.


Design concepts may begin life on a napkin or virtual whiteboard but are realised and refined in 3D CAD.

Extensive CAD and data management software allow our design and wider engineering team to collaborate virtually and visualise new innovations.

3D models go through in house finite element analysis and multi-parameter iterative optimisation tools to ensure that the right solution is reached.

Where simultaneous optimisation of mechanical and thermodynamic performance is required CAD data feeds directly into our BladeSim analysis tools and uses real word data bringing our development work together.

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