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The Blade Compressor®

Lontra’s name is upheld by the core innovation and clever geometry of its technology: The Blade Compressor®.

It represents the first new, widely applicable and radical gas compressor design in nearly 80 years. It takes a clean-sheet approach by solving the problems associated with traditional compressor designs.

It’s patented and now part of a full package: The LP2 Blower.

LP2 Blower

Lontra’s UL certified blower ‘Lontra’s exclusive patented Blade Compressor® air end is now part of a full package: The LP2 blower.

Lontra’s UL certified blower is, by design, a very robust unit featuring the oil-free Blade Compressor® geometry and includes the Lontra WEG ultra-premium motor and Yaskawa VSD inverter.

Lontra has designed silencers that, whilst reducing the noise level, also reduce pressure drop which further contributes to additional power savings.

All of these high-value features are secured within the unique, sound attenuating enclosure designed jointly with Universal Wolf.


Now developing new technologies and expanding into new industries and compressor applications.

These include general manufacturing, pneumatic conveying, cement, food and drink, pharmaceutical, industrial wastewater, drinking water and power generation.

“The Lontra technology is a completely new take on how to deliver air for the massive blower markets, encompassing mining, water treatment, food production and many more. We haven’t seen a technology before with the combination of market disrupting attributes that the Lontra technology displays.”

Lontra National Sales Representative,
Roger Shultz, President of RoCaam.

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