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Lontra’s energy saving, and reliable technologies would be nothing without the support of ground-breaking world leaders.

Lontra continues to work with global partners at the top of their innovation game

Across engineering, manufacturing and digital technologies.

The benefits of Lontra’s Blade Compressor® technology have attracted the attention of many world-class engineering and manufacturing facilities, who have reached out to work directly with Lontra.

This includes The Carbon Trust and Severn Trent Water who were the first to see the energy saving results of the Blade Compressor®.

Our R+D team continuously ensures our products are tested and built with current and reliable technical equipment
This includes rolling element bearings from SKF which are used within our Blade Compressor® geometry, also surface coatings from Oerlikon Metco and support from ABB within our advanced testing facilities.

We’ve also had the pleasure of using specialist equipment from Wiresmith Technology and Micro Epsilon to further test the capabilities of current and new Lontra technologies.

Other commercial and technical partners include
Yaskawa for the specific programming of our hi-tech VSD inverter inside Lontra’s LP2 Blade Compressor® machine.

Also, WEG who worked with us to design our premium motor and Beckhoff who together with Lontra helped to supply quality electronics within the LP2. In addition to this, our unique, sound attenuating LP2 enclosure was designed jointly with Universal Wolf, part of Tharsus Group.

We’ve also worked meticulously with Engineering Animation in our marketing to capture the unique qualities of our state-of-the-art LP2 machine.

Triple win technology
Lontra’s triple win technology has attracted wonderful support in terms of grants and awards from Innovate UK, Horizon2020, Edie, IMechE, The Manufacturer and the Royal Academy of Engineering. Most recently winning the 2020 IMechE Award for Innovation in Bulk Materials and Handling.

Lontra is a proud member of the British Compressed Air Society, of which current and previous members of our Board have held Director positions.

We are also members of SHAPA (Solids Handling and Processing Association) as our compressor applications expand into the pneumatic conveying sector. Lontra won SHAPA’s 2019 Award for Innovation.

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