Lontra’s business part of UK manufacturing high output

Feb 22, 2020 | 2020, News

Lontra’s business featured as part of The Guardian’s coverage of UK business and economic data figures

The data shows that manufacturing sector activity rose to a high since April 2019 coinciding with Lontra’s business news on the opening of the new Greenfield high-value manufacturing centre.


You can read the news coverage as it happened here


A message from the CEO on the current COVID-19 pandemic:

“Whilst the safety of the public, our staff and our supply chain are our main priority in these challenging times we are working hard to ensure the regions of the UK prosper from long-term high-value jobs and careers in design, manufacturing and digital services. This is now a time to change things which makes us all innovators of adaptation and productivity.”

You can find out more about Lontra manufacturing here


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