Lontra Technology Colouring Competition

Apr 23, 2020 | 2020, News

In a bid to get creative and collaborate on our new product line, we invite you to help us come up with a limited edition design for our new LP2 technology.

*This competition is now closed and our winners have been selected below*

Announcing our competition winners: Dave and Jenson! Congratulations!

By Jenson, Kids Category Winner.

We really liked how the energy savings of our product have been considered here and placed into an equally green environment. One day it would be really wonderful to have plants growing from the top of our machine -what an inventive idea!

By Dave, Adult Category Winner.

We like the integration of our brand colours with some added bright green, yellow and red. Thanks Dave!

Our technology is still available to download, print and colour in in the link below:

Click here to print the Lontra Technology for you to colour in!


This colouring competition is open to adults and children alike. We’re all creative at heart and know that colouring can be a way to relax your mind and practice focus and quietness after a long day.

We see our technology’s sleek exterior as a blank canvas for really inventive designs and graphics, reflective of the inventive and ground breaking technology on the inside.


Our CEO, Steve Lindsey, finalist in the European Patent Office’s Inventor of the Year awards, is the innovator who came up with a completely new geometry for the technology you find inside. Breaking new ground and echoing the very best of inventors and engineers before him, he improved the geometry and set up a company to build his idea and turn it into reality. Progress came quickly, with the technology going into trial and demonstrating a 21% energy saving over traditional machines, helping the environment and saving electricity.

Fast forward to great successes like the build of our Midlands Technical Centre, a new manufacturing facility and the latest build collaboration in the North with Sheffield planning our new digital services centre.


The Lontra Technology

Compressor technology exists all around you.

It’s used to power many things, from the air that blows your cereal into its packaging, to the air that powers train and bus doors to open. It makes your fridge cold, your heat pump warm and your office comfortable. Compressor technology is everywhere and counts for 10% of electricity used in Europe, but why is our technology the step-change for industry?

Our geometry works in quite a different way compared to traditional compressor design. You can find out more about its specific design and how it works here.


A message from the CEO on the current crisis

“The idea for a colouring competition is just a small but equally important part of the bigger picture to how we aim to support people in these challenging times. Whilst the safety of the public, our staff and our supply chain are our main priority we are working hard to ensure the regions prosper from long-term high-value jobs and careers in design, manufacturing and digital services. Mental health, flexible working and travel remain crucial factors to think about. This is now a time to change things which makes us all innovators of adaptation and productivity.”

“So colour and design, be inventive, we have some lovely prizes on offer to help you get in the competitive spirit!”


Lontra Technology Colouring Competition Guidelines

Click here to print the Lontra Technology for you to colour in!

Things to consider when thinking over your colouring design:

  • You can be as inventive and colourful as you like!
  • You can take inspiration from the technology itself using these key words: air, flow, circular, water, electric, environment, digital…
  • Or even from our name: Lontra is a genus of Otters from America
  • You can research the area where the technology was built which is our heart of England: The Midlands

Open to all, prizes to win and we’ll post a selection of entries to our Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Have fun and remember, we can all be creative, inventive and engineer for better!

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