Lontra announces Sales Representative Agreement with RoCaam Corporation (USA)

Oct 19, 2020 | 2020, News

Lontra is very pleased to announce a Sales Representative Agreement has been signed with the RoCaam Corporation, based in Denver, Colorado (USA) who will represent Lontra in the Rocky Mountain States and Texas and promote the unique Lontra LP2 blower and future Lontra products.

This agreement is another major step on Lontra’s sales journey in the US, bringing their novel technology package (the LP2 Blade Compressor®) to industry on a global scale.

Roger Shultz, the President of RoCaam said: 

The Lontra technology is a completely new take on how to deliver air for the massive blower markets, encompassing mining, water treatment, food production and many more. We haven’t seen a technology before with the combination of market disrupting attributes that the Lontra technology displays.”

The product boasts unique features that are proven to reduce onsite noise levels and machine maintenance as well as additional savings in areas such as power consumption, and minimized downtime. The package itself houses Lontra’s flagship innovation: The Blade Compressor® technology. This is a patent protected, compact, rotary compressor which delivers a Triple Win to end-users; it’s oil-free, more reliable and provides significant improvements in efficiency for applications in energy intensive industries such as water treatment, pneumatic conveying, and industrial compressed air.

Euan McCulloch, Commercial Director at Lontra added:

RoCaam brings a wealth of experience in the markets that our premier product, the LP2, will be applied in such as wastewater treatment, pneumatic conveying and other blower applications.  RoCaam will be working closely with Blade Compressor USA LLC, (a division of Industrial Air Centers) who are the National Distributor for Lontra Ltd. in North America to provide products and services to our mutual end user customers.

Lontra Non-Executive Board Member, Rick Stasyshan commented: 

“ The RoCaam Corp. has many years of experience in blowers in the territories that they operate within, and are uniquely capable of insuring proper application and post installation service to industries such as waste water treatment and pneumatic conveying where the Lontra LP2 offers a new, energy saving and more reliable option to end users.

Lontra recently expanded its Midlands Technical Centre to include a brand-new assembly facility in Birmingham (U.K) which has the capacity to meet both demand from the USA and from other markets Lontra will enter during 2021. This modern facility includes full testing capacity for every machine that is assembled, with the performance verified and recorded prior to shipment.




For more information please contactolivia.markham@lontra.co.uk

RoCaam information: Phone 1-303-993-4256 or visit: www.rocaam.com

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