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Internal Quality Engineer

Salary: Dependant on experience

Job Type: Full-time Day Shift, Permanent

Location: Doncaster (DN9), South Yorkshire

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Role Overview

The main aspect of this role is to support the company’s launch of a new manufacturing facility from a quality standpoint whilst creating a culture of quality from the outset.

The successful candidate will be capable of working as a core member of the manufacturing team whilst ensuring the product and process’s quality requirements are met.

The Ideal candidate will have experience in both machining and mechanical assembly in a manufacturing environment.

The role offers an exciting opportunity to develop skills and progress as Lontra’s manufacturing expands to become a world-class facility.


  • Creating, Develop a culture of Quality across the business 
  • Lead ISO accreditation requirements
  • Implement checks and procedures to monitor the manufacturing process and conduct routine goods inwards compliance checks plus intermediate and final product testing, as necessary. 
  • Maintain compliance with current and proposed external standards 
  • Ongoing development of the QMS
  • Implement improvements to production processes that lead to overall increases in product quality
  • Work together with project leaders to discuss solutions to quality issues CAPAs
  • Compose reports and deliver presentations on quality issues and activities. Ensure that all internal quality documents  are maintained, up-to-date and available
  • Implement and monitor Quality Control checks
  • Identify training needs and report requirements to department heads
  • Investigate root causes of quality problems and propose solutions
  • Support in both Validation and continuous improvement practises
  • Develop and maintain equipment validation across the production facility 
  • Develop a system and monitoring matrix for gauge R & R
  • Process specification change control
  • Satisfy customer expectations about product quality
  • Monitor Environmental standards/procedures in line with legislation and company expectations and guidelines 
  • Generate quality alert paperwork and follow through to completion as they arise
  • Manage an NCR process for all internal processes as part of the QMS
  • Preparing, hosting, and managing Certification body, Customer, Supplier, and Internal audits 
  • Aiding the metrology department until such a time as a quality manager is recruited.

In a Nutshell

We are looking for a multi skilled quality engineer to join into our team and help us structure our processes to ensure quality from the off, the intention is for this individual to help mould our facility from the early stages, so quality becomes a way of life rather than an afterthought.

Skills & Experience

  • Practical experience of implementing quality in a manufacturing environment 
  • Experience ISO9001:2015 & Internal Auditing
  • Understanding of quality methodologies and current industry standards and best practices 
  • Experienced in quality investigations to properly isolate route cause and police corrective actions
  • An industrious and enquiring individual able to work alone or as part of a team without direct supervision.
  • An effective verbal and written communicator all levels of the organization.
  • Strong interpersonal skills to ensure strong cooperating between departments
  • Understand and interpret requirements accurately by effective questioning, listening, while clarifying and implementing information.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Excel, Word and scheduling software.

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