2017 holds more exciting news and opportunities for Lontra!

Jan 3, 2017 | 2017, In the Press

2017 holds more exciting news and opportunities for Lontra!


Lontra was included in a Raconteur supplement for The Times on the efficiency of production in the manufacturing sector. CEO Steve Lindsey talked about the benefits of collaboration and why this is particularly crucial for productivity in entrepreneurial businesses.

A couple of stand-out trade features explained the benefits of Blade Compressor® technology. Most noteworthy in the wastewater and manufacturing industries.

In November, Water Environment Federation highlighted how the Blade Compressor® could save water resource recovery facilities more than 21% in energy consumption. While in December, Process & Control Today focused on the many potential applications of the air compressor. They discussed applications across a range of industries, from food and drink, to automotive, to pharmaceutical.


In team news Kiran Tailor, Lontra’s Project Manager, shortlisted for The Manufacturer’s Top 100 award – a fantastic achievement highlighting the incredible work she has accomplished.


To kick off this year, Lontra featured on the Government’s Innovate UK website showcasing achievements thanks, in part, to the Innovate UK award funding. Their support, along with the Carbon Trust, has given Lontra the opportunity to look at new markets. Particularly the global market for low and medium pressure compressors, estimated at £50 billion a year.

Industrial Strategy

And most relevant, the Prime Minister’s recent Industrial Strategy. Lontra commented on the opportunities for our sector in online trade publication Zenoot in January. It was great to see emphasis on committing to a low-carbon economy, an opportunity not only to achieve affordable energy and cost-saving but a prospect to sell our world-leading innovations overseas.

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