Lontra LP2 demonstration takes place at The Wolfson Centre

Aug 19, 2019 | 2019, In the Press

Lontra takes the LP2 for demonstration at The Wolfson Centre, part of the University of Greenwich.

The first of the full assemblies was installed at the Wolfson Centre, where a series of tests were performed to evaluate the performance of LP2 as part of their pneumatic conveying system at their industrial pilot plant.

The Wolfson Centre is renowned as an international centre of excellence for pneumatic conveying: for research and technology transfer in the processing, handling and delivery of powders for industrial manufacturing.

The installation enables both connection to Wolfson’s conveying development equipment and isolation so that durability hours can be run.

Steve Lindsey commented:

“Another successful trial of Lontra’s next generation compressor technology is now complete showing positive results. This is a gateway to the application of the Lontra technology in a range of industries from food processing to the pharmaceutical industry.”


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