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Introducing the new Blade Compressor® demonstration model by Lontra

Our all new, purpose-built demonstration model allows Lontra to demonstrate the innovative principals of our technology on a desktop scale.

This replaces our previous compressor demonstration model,

an early prototype compressor that had been retrofitted with a stand and crank handle allowing the manual operation of the compressor to demonstrate the principals of the technology. This has now been replaced with an all new, purpose-built demonstration model.

The new model has been designed as a scale model of the real compressor, using ARRK Europe 3D Printing technologies to bring the design to life. All design and assembly was completed at our Design Centre by one of Lontra’s brightest engineer’s – Chris Burton.

The new model is further enhanced by internal lighting,

illuminating the air chamber throughout the vacuum and compression cycles. This unique lighting clearly identifies the different stages though the cycle of the compressor. During slow speed demonstrations, the lights transition to a soft blue colour, illuminating the blade and the innovative interface with the rotating disk.

The model is manufactured primarily from plastic that has been 3D printed using Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) and Stereolithography (SLA) technology provided by ARRK Europe. There are only a handful of more traditional turned and milled components to provide the drive for the compressor components from the electric motor. With the incorporation of the electric motor to drive the compressor, the demonstrator can control the speed and direction during an explanation of the technology as well as being able to allow the model to run continually during trade shows and exhibitions.

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