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ESG and Reducing energy use of Manufacture – how every process matters

Lontra’s revolutionary Blade Compressor® is already starting to shake up the status quo with recent independent testing against a market leading competitor demonstrating electricity savings of up to 34%.

These machines are used in critical industries worldwide for applications from transporting foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and cement to water treatment.

The potential savings are enormous with 10% of Europe’s industrial energy going to power machines like this.

Environmental and Sustainability considerations,

the E of ESG can go far beyond producing energy saving products. Lontra have taken this ethos throughout their whole business.

This ranges from the development of a secure communications platform to allow machines to be monitored and tuned remotely, reducing un-necessary travel, to tight quality processes ensuring “no fault forward”, to choosing the most energy efficient manufacturing processes.

A nice example is Lontra’s partnership with Carrs Welding Technologies ,

who have been working together for a number of years.

To make the disc, one of the key components of Lontra’s revolutionary Blade Compressor®, it is built up from two separate lightweight steel parts.

These are joined together to make a single item that is hollow in the middle.

Conventional welding would need significant energy to fully penetrate the 2mm steel section to be joined.

This in turn can lead to distortion, movement and further machining or re-work processes, along with further energy use.

Carrs laser welding joins the two parts using a concentrated high power density beam. This allows for faster welds and, consequently lower heat input when compared to conventional welding. The process consumes less than half the energy of traditional welding.

A further benefit of the concentrated high power density beam and lower heat input is the ability to fully penetrate the 2 mm steel section with minimal distortion, eliminating the need for further energy intensive machining operations.

an energy saving manufacturing process

All of this adds up to an energy saving manufacturing process to make energy saving machines! Better engineering to improve sustainability and save energy, and an example of Lontra’s ESG focus in action.

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